Mimi mzuri Milele – Siri Yangu ni Ella Creams

Ella Creams KangaHere is a promotional kanga for Ella Creams from Mamujee Products, which is based in Tanga, Tanzania.  Unlike many promotional kangas, this one has a very familiar look.  The border looks like those that are commonly seen on kangas. The stripes in the center are also not unusual. If you saw this kanga out of the corner of your eye, it might not stand out at first. However, if you look more carefully you would definitely notice the product logos as well as the maendishi. Usually the maendishi is printed in Swahili only. But here there are two lines – one in Swahili and one in English. These also stand out because the background is in a bold bronze color and the letters are written in both upper and lower case. Usually the sayings are written in uppercase letters only. I am curious if women would prefer to wear a promotional kanga like this one that blends in with common kangas or if they would rather show their brand loyalty in a more obvious way by wearing a kanga such as the OMO Kanga or Royco Cube Kanga.


I am happy when the maendishi are translated for me!



This Ella Creams kanga was made by Nida Textiles in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.