This kanga is said to have one of the oldest and most well known designs. Called  “kanga kisutu,” it was traditionally worn on the East African Coast and Zanzibar by a bride on her wedding day. The design usually comes without a saying although sometimes it appears like most kangas, with a saying at the bottom.  I am posting an example of each. The first comes from Nida Textiles in Dar es Salaam. The one with the saying comes from Zanzibar with a label that says Nzuri Sana (very good). It is extremely light weight, called “nyepesi”, so very good for the hot Zanzibar weather, but is also has a major misprint at the bottom.



An appropriate saying for a bride: God bless us with good fortune and blessings to get all that we wish for


A close up from the Nida kanga

You can read more about the kanga kisutu on this webpage about the History of the Kanga On the website of the British Museum, you see an example of a kanga kisutu with a different saying on it.  Googling kanga kisutu will also bring you to a lot more posts and photos.