I bought this kanga nyepesi in Iringa in 2015

This is a kanga nyepesi or “light” kanga. It is made of very thin cotton.  I have come to realize that here in Moshi, there are two types of kangas that are being called kanga nyepesi. Like this one, some are truly very thin, light and airy. They are popular in warmer climates such as on the coast or the islands. The other type of kanga that is sometimes referred to as kanga nyepesi are the synthetic kangas that are not made of cotton. While this second type of  kanga feel lighter – they are actually warmer than the usual cotton kanga.


I have been using this kanga for a couple of years now as a scarf, so it is a bit worn out by now – but it is still one of my favorites. It was made by a company called Nzuri Sana (Very good) – which I think is located in Zanzibar, but I cannot find out more information about it. I have not seen any from this company for sale in Moshi and I actually purchased this from the market in Iringa in early 2015.


English translation: Oh God, bless our wedding

English translation: Our God bless our wedding


A close up - here you can see the thinness of the cotton.

A close up – here you can see the thinness of the cotton.