This is an extraordinary kanga that was made especially as a gift for Margaret Kenyatta, the First Lady of Kenya.  Manufactured by Nida Textiles in Dar es Salaam, this kanga is extremely soft and printed with many different colors in very fine detail.

Mama Kenya Kanga retouched

This kanga has a picture of Margaret Kenyatta in the center, a long with the shape of Kenya and the Maasai shield – a symbol of Kenya that is also pictured on the National Flag.


The fine detail can be seen very well when looking at the depiction of the First Lady in the center. IMG_1793

Instead of a Swahili saying, this kanga has the rainbow logo of Madame Kenyatta’s health initiative, “Beyond Zero.” The Beyond Zero  Foundation was started by Margaret Kenyatta in 2014 to promote Maternal and Child Health.

This kanga also has beautiful designs in the border which include butterflies and awareness ribbons.


This is definitely the highest quality kanga that I have seen so far.