These are some really special kangas! They are campaign kangas for the Kenyan MP, Dr. Patrick Mweu Musimba of Kibwezi West. Produced by Nida Textiles in Dar es Salaam, they are bigger, heavier and softer than most kangas.

red musimba

A kanga for the Kenyan Member of Parliament, Dr. Patrick Mweu Musimba

All five of these kangas differ from each other, but have similar design themes. They all include the Kenyan national colors of black, red and green and all include the “M” like symbol which I assume stands for “Musimba.” Most of them also have either the Kenyan flag or the Maasai Shield, which is the symbol on the flag.


It is very uncommon to see English printed on a kanga here in Tanzania, where Swahili is the official language. But in Kenya, Swahili and English are commonly spoken and it makes sense that they would be printed side by side.


English translation: Kenya is Ours – Together We Can


blue musimba

white musimba

The words in the middle are in the shape of Kenya. In English they say, Dr. Patrick Mweu Musimba, Together we are moving forward, Together we can, Together we are strong

m kanga

The saying on this kanga is written near the bottom and then also on top, but facing the other way. I have never before seen words printed on a kanga this way and it makes me wonder how the kanga is meant to be worn.