This is a campaign kanga made for the Chadema Party in Tanzania. Chadema, short for Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo or Party for Democracy and Progress, was the opposition party during the Presidential Elections last October. It is also the party of many local politicians in and around Moshi and the Kilmanjaro Region here in northern Tanzania where I live.  During the elections last year, I saw a lot of Chadema banners and posters, but not that many kangas. I was of course on the look out and hoping to get a kanga from each party. I did manage to score a CCM party kanga but did not find a Chadema kanga  until recently. Now that the elections are over, I was able to buy it in one of the Moshi shops.

Chadema Kanga

Chadema Kanga that I bought in Moshi in February 2016



English Translation: Chadema openness and transparency



The symbol for Chadema, a peace sign